5 Trends That Any Girl Can Pull Off Like a Pro


5 Trends That Any Girl Can Pull Off Like a Pro

Girl Fashion trends come and go. Although they’re fun to lust after, let’s face it, some of them are tough to pull off in real life. In this constant battle to look fashionable, we believe it’s helpful to trim down the vast trends to the ones that real ladies can wear in the real world.


Scroll your way down to discover the trends that are super easy to try and it would be a crime to not have them in your wardrobe.

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Cold Shoulders

It’s trendy, it’s chic, and it’s sexy as hell. This 80’s style has made a comeback and you need it in your wardrobe. What makes this trend amazing is that it can be worn by women of any age. It looks good on any occasion, from casual to club! No matter the size, there’s a cold shoulder pick for one and all.

White Sneakers

To whoever made the classic white sneakers a style staple, we owe a huge word of thanks! This cool-girl footwear trend is going strong and shows no signs of stopping. The shoes look on-point with dresses, jumpsuits, denims, and just about anything.


Chokers are back from the 90s and they are just what you need to make a cool, bold and pretty statement. However, the tricky part is what you pair your choker with. Go for an off-shoulder top, a slip dress, or anything that exposes the rest of your décolletage. Experiment with velvet, metal, string and more for a cool, grunge or bohemian look.

Brow-Bar Sunglasses

These glasses are the chicest way to shield your eyes this season. They will instantly chic up your look, and the best thing about them is that they go with everything. Try them now!

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This trend looks as if it belongs in a modern-day fairytale. Dramatic and beautiful, ruffles are a must-have for anyone with a penchant for elegance and drama. Get your hand on dresses, tops and skirts with ruffled details that will add a game-changing statement to your everyday looks.