Nature’s Endless Affair with Fashion


Nature’s Endless Affair with Fashion

Proving it time and again with its collections, Anju Modi designer has established one thing that nature has endless possibilities and can influence breathtaking art & design.


She has been known to incorporate attributes of the living world into her creations in a playful yet elegant manner. We take a look at the labels take on nature-inspired fashion.

Antheen by Anju Modi

‘Antheen’ is a luxury pret collection that explores nature’s simplest pleasures. From stunning monsoon landscapes, to surreal backdrops that act as a subdued but pleasing colour palette for the garments, Antheen aims to bring nature and fashion together. In a world that doesn’t remember how to stop and take pleasure in the beauty of what mother earth has to offer, it is an artistic celebration of skies that are measureless, mountains that are majestic, and oceans that are endless.

Hues of blue & green along with shades of black and other earthy tones come together to create an effortless medley that exudes positivity. Organic fabrics like silk mulmul, textured or soft khadi and top quality cotton come into play and how! Flower motifs in muted contrasts are the highlight of the ensembles, and make them more versatile for the wearer. Let your spirit roam free in this year’s monsoon inspired Anju Modi collection.

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Trinity by Anju Modi

Minimalism is more than just a fashion genre but also a lifestyle. With its introduction to the global runways, minimalism became a favourite among many. Since then, several designers have cultivated their own personal take on this trend, one of them being  Anju Modi designer. The brand strives to make this contemporary trend more personal and functional to the wearer while also preserving its simplicity. Anju Modi collection 2019 – Trinity explores this idea to the fullest. It combines nature’s free-spiritedness with minimalism’s clean, no-fuss approach. This amalgamation is a rare sight, and the fact that this brand achieves the perfect blend with the collection is commendable. Made in flowy fabrics like chanderi and organza with abstract digital prints in earthy tones, Trinity is Anju Modi’s perception of new-day Yin & Yang. It preserves simple elements that are often overlooked while making fashion a friendly experience to all.

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Parnika by Anju Modi

More often than not, great ideas make an entry when we least expect them to. Like a breath of fresh air into an otherwise monotonous routine, a muse makes its presence known. This is what Anju Modi’s collection ‘Parnika’ dives into. With nature as its subject again, the collection talks about how breaking down old ideas might just be the key to coming up with new ones. Simplicity is the key to creating unique designs.

Shot against the peaceful yet surreal sight of Sambhar Salt Lake, the designer derives inspiration from this very place as if it’s her personal sanctuary. Flowy black & white silhouettes with nature-inspired prints like flat leaves, tree trunks, branches, flowers, etc. – Anju Modi dresses resonate with most people. Dreamy, delicate thread embroidery with silver-toned strands act as the perfect finish to an already beautiful collection!

Anju Modi designer, who is also a celebrated member of the FDCI boasts of a design voice that is suited to every generation. That is why the label’s philosophy has been highly appreciated and looked up to by many budding designers. The authenticity of her designs remains uncompromising, and this among several other reasons makes her a global favourite.