10 Best Halloween Costumes for Pugs in 2019


10 Best Halloween Costumes for Pugs in 2019

Halloween Costumes The pug is a special breed with physically unique peculiarities. They have a short face and a small curled tail. They are shorter than many other breeds and have a snug square body. Hence when you are selecting a costume for your pug, get one that best fits his physic. To help you shop one, we have listed some Halloween costumes below that would fit on a pug really well.

Halloween Costumes

Pugs are very charming dogs, for whom we should choose equally cute clothes. But, if you are unable to decide which dress will be best for your Pug, then read the given list of dresses. We have covered the details of the 10 best Halloween outfits below, especially for your pugs.

1. Rubie’s Pink Fifties Girl Dog Costume

A super cute pink 50’s girl costume offered by Rubie for your cute adorable pug. Honestly, one of the best costumes for the Halloween Fest. The outfit features a striped dress with a pink skirt and a matching bow for the head.

2. Rubie’s Pug Costume Mexican Serape

The Mexican serape costume from Rubie includes a rainbow-colored poncho and a black sombrero headpiece with golden design. Fits well and looks very cute on a pug. Easy to put on and off, soft comfortable fabric.

3. Pandaloon Teddy Bear Pug Costume Set

Everyone would like to see this dress again and again. This endearing and beautiful teddy dress looks very funny when a dog walks when it is on. Through this Pandaloon Teddy Bear costume, you and your precious pug are going to get lots of compliments and love this Halloween.

4. Rubie’s Despicable Minion Dog Wear

If you want your dear pug friend to look like a minion, then do not forget to get this costume. Packed with cuteness this Rubie’s Despicable Me 2 Minion dress is the most winsome look of the season.

5. Rubies Marshmallow Man Dog Costume

Turn your dog into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, a fictional character from the Ghostbusters movie. The Marshmallow man appears as a huge paranormal monster in the movie, however, the costume looks too cute on a pug.

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6. Rubie’s Star Wars Darth Vader Dog Cape

Wanna make your dog look like a heroic Jedi Knight, the Darth Vader. Get this outfit for the style and create the Star Wars Knight mood on Hallow’s Eve. Try the Rubie’s Star Wars Darth Vader costume with a cape for your pug to re-build the feel.

7. Rubie’s Disney Mermaid Dog Wear

Turn your dog into a Disney’s Character – Ariel the little mermaid, with Rubie’s Disney Mermaid Dog wear. The costume has a mermaid tail, shell top, and a wig for your pug. You will just love to watch your mermaid pug, walking around in the Hallow fest.

8. Rubie’s Turtle Shell Pet Backpack

If you are a fan of turtles, their cuteness, colors and especially their shell’s design then you must choose this backpack. Rubie brings you a Turtle Shell backpack that will make your pug look like a big lovely tortoise. The backpack has enough space to store your pug’s favorite snacks too.

9. NACOCO Cowboy Pug Outfit

Cowboys typically carry a rugged look while they ride horses and work in ranch. A cowboy typically wears a full sleeves shirt, neck scarf, denim jeans, belt, hat, and boots. To give your pug a Wild-West region feel, get this NACOCO’s Cowboy dog outfit for him. Carry this tough style to the Hallow’s Party this season.

10. Rubie’s Blue Dino Hoodie for Dogs

This Rubie’s dog wear is a cute little Blue Dino with hoodie. The fabric is soft and comfy to keep your pug warm in cold weather. The costume features soft spikes down from back to the tail. The dino’s head is an attached hoddie that covers the dog’s head and ears. Easy to put on and take off.