10 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes


10 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween your office is inviting you to wear your costume to work, and you want to be a team player. You already have your costume planned out for a night out with friends, but “sexy cat” isn’t exactly work-appropriate. No need to be spooked.


While you need to skip any naughty ideas (no bare chests or extreme cleavage here), think about a comfortable costume that will allow you to sit at work all day and also not make you cold.

Skip the awkward piece of cardboard — think about using the clothes you already have and build on that. Superwoman is a great character, but her costume leaves little to the imagination.

1. Pop-art cartoon

Throw it back to the late 1950s when pop art emerged and grew in popularity through comics and artists.

The key to this costume is the makeup — you can wear any of your normal clothes plus a fun wig. Brit + Co has an easy-to-follow pop art makeup tutorial.

2. Pineapple

If you like piña coladas, this costume is for you. All you need is your best sunshine yellow dress. It’s the perfect last-minute costume.

For the headpiece, all you need is a toilet paper roll and green poster board and follow this tutorial.

3. Instagram photo

It seems like everyone is an Instagram influencer these days. So, how about you’re one for Halloween?

This DIY is so easy — all you have to do is take a screenshot of Instagram on your phone, take it to your local print store to enlarge, print and mount. Easy!

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4. Heart eyes emoji

Emojis are fun for texting and for Halloween office parties. It’s an easy DIY using a few different pieces of poster board and a popsicle stick.

Better yet, you can get several co-workers together for a fun photo op of different emojis.

5. Rosie the Riveter

A cultural icon, Rosie the Riveter represented those women who worked in factories during World War II. This costume is equal parts eco-friendly and easy DIY because you get to use items already in your closet.

Grab a denim shirt, a red bandana and show off your arm muscles for the office Halloween party.

6. Google Maps

Get your co-worker BFF to be the point A to your point B and go as Google Maps. You can make the red marker out of poster board and use yellow tape over gray T-shirts to draw up the streets. Pick streets from around the office so they’re easy to recognize.

7. M&Ms

Another colorful group costume is everyone’s favorite chocolate candy. A couple of co-workers can wear different color T-shirts and use felt to make the iconic white M. Bring a couple of safety pins to the office and attach them to the T-shirts.

8. Snapchat

With a yellow dress or T-shirt, you can easily make yourself into one of the most popular social media networks for Halloween.

Make your outfit interactive by putting the QR code for your account on cardboard and have people around the party add you as a friend.

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9. Arthur

Cute third-grade Arthur costume can be easily put together with a yellow sweater from your closet. Add a couple of mouse ears and round glasses and you’re ready for the office costume party.

10. Bank robbers

Put together your favorite striped shirt, black pants, a black beanie and gloves. The mask can be purchased at your local party store and use one of your grocery canvas bags for your fake loot.

Just (don’t) be yourself

The only rule that exists during Halloween is to not be yourself. Find the best DIY costume for you, have fun with your co-workers and win that office costume contest. Then, do it all again with your friends and plenty of candy.