9 Amazing Tutu Dresses For a Party-Ready Look


9 Amazing Tutu Dresses For a Party-Ready Look

Parties and Tutu dresses are a beautiful combination. Be it a birthday party or a family function; your baby girl is sure to steal the show with elegant colors and beautiful flares of these tutu dresses. Available in the market with varied colors from orange, green to black and white, they are sure to add value to your daughter’s look.

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Also, these tutu dresses are available in varying lengths chosen as per the occasion. When you pair these baby girl dresses in tiaras and other accessories and footwear, your little Cinderella will make the heads turn.

Here are a few dress suggestions that you can easily purchase by sitting at the premises of your home and that too in affordable prices:

1. First Birthday Outfit

Why wait for your baby girl to grow, when you can adorn her with beautiful tutu attires when she turns one? This dress is a perfect selection for your little angel’s first birthday. With one printed on the romper above and an elegant headband to accessorize the head, the tutu skirt adds style to the dress.

You can watch your baby girl take tiny steps in this flared tutu attire and be a showstopper for the day.

2. Full-Length Sequin Tutu Dress

Gowns and girls are a beautiful combination. You can be sure of giving your girl a pageant ready look with tutu dresses that are full length. With sequin work above the waistline and multiple flares of the tutu material, your baby girl will look stylish at the same time.

You can pair this dress with a beautiful tiara and sequin booties to add to her style. The dress will give her ease of walking. Rest assured, you are already walking with a pageant winner.

3. Short Length Sequin Full Flared Tutu

Forget the traditional robes and replace them with short-length tutu dress. The top of the dress is a sequin in the same color as that of the flares. The dress is available with full fluffy tutu bottom.

Add a princess crown headband and let her flaunt her stylish look with equally elegant footwear. You can choose heals or flats as per her conveyance. Adorn her in this dress when she accompanies you to any get-together or even a birthday party.

4. Off-Shouldered Tutu Dress

Off shouldered dresses are in the latest trend among girls of all ages. Your baby girl will also love to copy your dressing style when you take her to the party. Try a mother-daughter combo for any party occasion. Adorn her with this off shouldered dress in beautiful peacock shades.

The dress is in full length, and the different shades of green and blue on the flares of this tutu dress add value to the look. Make a high bun and use various neck accessories to complete her look. Also, if you use flat footwear with the same, your daughter can make smooth movements and enjoy the function to the fullest.


5. Unicorn Style Tutu Dress

The unicorn has become the favorite fantasy character for all the kids. From unicorn toys to stationery, unicorn prints and style has made its way to their wardrobes as well. With attractive colors, this multicolored unicorn styled tutu dress is beautiful and stylish at the same time. The top of the dress has an elastic bodice that gives a perfect fitting to your baby girl.

The flares of the dress are the ultimate attraction. The dress looks short from the front end but has a ponytailed like a net from the back. Moreover, you can add unicorn accessories like headbands to complete the look. Such trendy dresses are for theme-based birthday parties.

6. Sun Flower Embedded Short Tutu Dress

Flowers to decorate the dresses are used since ages. And, you can be sure that these flowers will add style to the overall look of your little beauty. Undoubtedly, tutu dresses are complete look in their own way, but the flower at the side of the waistline is like an icing to the cake.

Also, the dress comes with matching headband that too has a flower on it. All in all, the dress can turn your beautiful daughter into a style icon. You can add booties to the feet for completing the look. The straps at the shoulders make the dress easy to wear and carry for the baby girl.

7. Princess Themed Tutu Dress

As the name suggests, the dress is sure to give your baby girl a princess-like look for any occasion. You can take her to a ball, or for any family function, this dress will make her look stunning. Decorated with pearl chains, the frills on the shoulder and in the base give the dress a royal look. Also, the back of the dress has a big bow made of the net to complete the look. The upper part of the dress is of a soft elastic crochet pattern that is beautified with pearls, rhinestones, and brooches. Every single detailing on the dress marks perfection.

8. Contrast Colors Tutu Dress

Single colored dresses look pretty, but why limit to one color. You can quickly try with various combinations of colors to give her a different look. The combination of the dark with light will look good on her when she has to wear it for her birthday party.

Also, this dress has a blue crocheted elastic bodice above the waistline. It has beautiful red satin straps and a belt for detailing. Below the waistline, it has a fluffy skirt in yellow. The dress can be worn for casual gatherings with red footwear to give your Barbie party-ready look.

9. Satin Bodice Tutu Dress

The dress is so beautifully designed to suit any occasion. The neckline of the dress is embroidered and has peter-pan collars. It gives the dress ease of wearing and carrying. It has multiple flares and a short length. A big bow at the waistline is there to complete the look.

All in all, it is a perfect outfit for official gatherings and parties. These suggestions related to tutu dresses for your girl are worth considering. They can be worn on almost all the occasion.

Your baby girl will love the colors and the flares in the dress and so will you.