Baby Shower Gifts Moms-To-Be Will Actually Want


Baby Shower Gifts Moms-To-Be Will Actually Want

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…the baby shower. A pre-bébé bash that celebrates the mom-to-be, and a chance for the new parents to stock up on a barrage of baby gear. Meaning: You can’t show up empty-handed. There aren’t really any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to gifting, and witnessing the unwrapping of mundane presents can feel daunting.
BabySo why not give expecting couples what they want? I.e. gadgets that will make the first few months of child-rearing just a little bit easier, grant a few extra hours of sleep, and help capture the cutest moments of babyhood. Wanna go big? No problem. Pool together with your girlfriend’s to surprise the guest of honor with that state-of-the-art stroller she’s been ogling over. Don’t worry. We’ve also got gift ideas for the mom whose expecting baby number two (or three!). Just keep on scrolling for the presents worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

1. Smart Sleeper Bassinet

This smart bassinet was invented by a pediatrician and built with the help of MIT-trained engineers. The SNOO reacts to a newborn’s cries with a gentle “shushing” and rocking motion that will help new parents get extra sleep. If you’re not in the market for a big investment, the brand also has a short-term rental option.

2. Elephant Rocker

This plush rocker is an adorable piece of decor for expecting moms planning out their nurseries, and a fun source of entertainment for their toddlers.

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3. Pacifier Clip

This useful clip fastens to a baby’s clothing to keep pacifiers from running loose. Made from 100 percent non-toxic materials, it doubles as as a toy and teething ring.

4. Animal Mobile

This hand-crafted felt mobile isn’t just a cute way to lull babies to sleep: Mobiles have been credited with promoting brain development and visual stimulation.

5. Onesies

There’s no such thing as too many onesies. Help the new parents prolong laundry day with this red, white, and blue five-set.

6. Cruz V2 Stroller

Move over, Bugaboo. This ultra-functional stroller has a one-step folding system and an interchangeable seat that you can swap in for toddlers. Talk about an investment piece.

7. Baby Socks

Keep baby feet cozy with these terry cotton socks from Japanese lifestyle brand, Fog Linen. We wish they came in adult sizing too.

8. Hair & Body Wash

A mother herself, Olivia Chantecaille formulated this product line especially for little ones. Its organic, plant-based ingredients give it a leg up from drugstore brands. An infusion of orange blossom and chamomile scents will keep bath time relaxing. Plus, a little drop goes a long way.

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9. Giraffe Booties

Somewhere in between socks and shoes, these booties will keep tiny feet warm, while the rubber soles provide support for the babe who is ready to take on standing.

10. Baby Feeding Gift Set

Silicone-suctioned bottoms will keep these bowls from flying off the high chair. The accompanying silicone spoons are gentle on babies who are teething.

11. Wearable Blanket
Swap out loose blankets for this breathable muslin version that baby can’t kick off during sleep.