Best Pairs of Sunglasses Right Now


Best Pairs of Sunglasses Right Now

Before you start your sunglasses hunt, you should first determine the right style for your face. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can consider more trend-driven pairs in similar shapes, from Kardashian-esque ski-inspired sunglasses to angular cat-eye shades. But no matter what you’re looking for this season, your favorite brands have you covered with both stylish new designs and fresh updates to the classics. Tortoiseshell continues to dominate, as do mirrored lenses, subtle gradients, and all the angles.


Of course, because sunglasses are 1) small and 2) often inexpensive, you should feel free to have fun with them. Want to try wacky Instagram-only styles? Do it up. Heart-shaped sweet shades calling your name? Add to cart. Sunglasses are not meant to be serious, no matter how much they cost. But that’s not to say that sunglasses can’t be sophisticated. In fact, a handful of pairs on this list will take the simplest outfit from snooze to stunning.

We’re big believers in there being no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses. If you so choose, you can and should own everyday sunglasses, pool-day sunglasses, early-evening sunglasses, special-occasion sunglasses, and so many more. We found the best new shades to shield your face for summer (and potentially the rest of the year, too). Check out 33 pairs that are oh-so-easy on the eyes.

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Florence Black/Smoke

These angular sunglasses have been spotted on celebs from Sophie Turner to Irina Shayk, so they’ll definitely for the cool gal. The black frames are versatile and add just the right amount of style to your usual summertime outfits.


Warby Parker is stepping up its sunglasses game with this on-trend pair of blue tortoise sunnies. The scratch-resistant lenses can come as prescription lenses, too.

Fire Starter Sunglasses

Your favorite translucent frames just got a splash of color and gold accents. The unexpected pop of gold makes this pair of sunnies feel fresh and cool.

Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses they can throw on and have it magically match every outfit. These are the magical sunnies we like to keep in our accessories stash.

Juliet Black

Not sure if these will frames fit your face? Determine your face shape and then buy sunglasses accordingly. This pair is great for people who love more angular shades.

Polarized Sunglasses

If your shopping budget is modest, opt for a pair of H&M sunglasses. These look luxe and, most importantly, the polarized lenses still provide UV protection.

All About The Benjamins: Ovalique

These teeny frames with gold and rhinestone detail are perfect for making a statement.

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I want to be whisked away  somewhere just so I can wear these sunglasses with a drink in hand. The tinted blush lens  give the frames a vacay vibe while still being completely wearable.

Hot Girl

If you’re known for being quirky, these blue sideways flame sunglasses are for you. They add a hint of cool to any outfit and will bring all the attention to your face.

Le Pliage Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses

You know Longchamp makes amazing bags and clothing—but its accessories, like these sunglasses, are gorgeous too. The style is neither too trendy nor flashy, making them the perfect shades to wear year after year.