Monochrome Outfits For Whatever Mood You’re In


Monochrome Outfits For Whatever Mood You’re In

If you’ve ever had an aura reading, you’re privy to colors’ unique ability to reveal information about your energy. Channeling your mood via your choice of dress can have the same effect. While an all-black ensemble can signal a person in mourning (or stereotypically, a New Yorker), a white dress suggests simplicity.


Traditional dressing styles have changed to accommodate personal style preferences and trends, but colors—especially head-to-toe hues— are still sure to emit a sense of mood. Channel a go-getter attitude via a red statement look or call on zen vibes with earthy neutrals. Ahead, we’ve got five monochromatic looks to reflect your ever-changing moods.

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1. Red Hot

Bold red will boost your workday motivation. Play up buttons and shiny hardware to break-up the crimson hue. A patterned handbag won’t ruin your color scheme if you opt for a subtle print.

2. Light and Bright

Make monochrome work for your style, even if that means bending the rules. If a white-out color scheme doesn’t suit you, combine your favorite mostly-white pieces and go for an all-white accessories moment.

3. Mellow Yellow

Master an all-yellow look by leaning into a subtle sunshine shade that looks perfectly suited on a sun dress and warm-weather accessories.

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4. Down to Earth

Play up beige tones with textured fabrics and finishes (like tortoiseshell and shine) that will give elevated vibes to an earth- tone ensemble.

5. Think Pink

Slip into an all-pink look that reads a little retro with a 1950s-style cardigan and ladylike accessories. A midi-length skirt and dangling earrings are sophisticated pink options that read grown-up.