Online Thrift Stores for Effortless Vintage Shopping


Online Thrift Stores for Effortless Vintage Shopping

Vintage shopping is the key to scoring one-of-a-kind items, often designer, at an affordable price point. But for those who don’t live in vintage meccas like New York City, Los Angeles, or Paris, it can be slim pickings. In this day and age, fortunately, it’s easy to be a vintage lover wherever you are—there are several well-curated online shops and apps that help you find the best of the best.


Yes, you have sites like eBay and TheRealReal, but there are so many more online e-commerce retailers that offer gorgeous second-hand bags, shoes, jewelry, and so on. With platforms such as Poshmark and Depop users can trade, sell, and buy vintage goods totally on their own. You can even mingle and interact with one another through the platforms, which takes shopping to a whole other level.

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Also, Instagram has been an amazing tool in the vintage shopping world by giving smaller shops a platform to showcase their drool-worthy items. Check out our hand-picked options among the range of online vintage stores—scoring that covetable Chanel bag has never been easier.


Founded by PIG magazine creator Simon Beckerman, Depop is Poshmark’s edgier little sister. What started out as a social network for PIG readers quickly turned into a global marketplace. Depop is essentially a buying and selling app for Gen Z-ers to discover unique items, and its homepage allows you to “meet” sellers and explore all different kinds of vintage categories such as “retro” and “modern thrift.” Another cool feature? You can “follow” a seller’s Depop profile like you would do on Instagram. With a global community of over 15 million plus users, you’ll be sure to score some vintage finds on Depop.

Treasures of NYC

The New York City-based online retailer specializes in curating and collecting vintage luxury, with a heavy focus on high-end accessories. Treasures of NYC is a fashion girl’s heaven, where lately we’ve seen a resurgence of ’90s-inspired pieces. From bucket hats to itty-bitty sunglasses to nylon bags, what was once old is sought-after again. To stay informed on when and what new pieces are dropping on its site, follow Treasures of NYC’s Instagram. It posts new offerings weekly and you can even directly shop through Instagram.


With a customer base of famous faces such as Kylie Jenner, EL CYCÈR is no joke. (Kylie recently wore a pair of Gianni Versace’s spring 1995 butterfly print jeans from them to her “Stormi Collection” launch party.) EL CYCÈR offers a wide range of designers, from Chanel and Dior to Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. And for the crème de la crème, one can rent pieces from its archival collection because, well, these items are too precious to be sold. (PSA: You can even rent the 1996 Chanel micro-bikini that Kim Kardashian wore.) By inquiry only, you can rent one of these iconic pieces of fashion history for 72 hours, which I’d wear 72 hours straight.

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How ThredUp works: It lists specific items it’s looking for, and users send in items that match the site’s description. Once the sent-in items are accepted for re-sale, ThredUp pays the sender in the form of cash or store credit. The company has also teamed up with one of my favorite sustainable brands, Reformation, to give shoppers a discount for donating old items. To promote sustainable shopping, ThredUP also launched its own brand, ReMade, in 2018 to incentivize shoppers to resell their items on the site. (If you purchase one of the items in the line and then choose to resell your item on ThredUp, you’re guaranteed to earn 40 percent of the original value.)