Shoes to Wear With Every Kind of Jeans


Shoes to Wear With Every Kind of Jeans

Shoes It’s a no-brainer to throw on a pair of jeans and any shoe in your closet. Duh, that’s why we all have multiple pairs of jeans. But why straddle the very delicate line between being “classic” and “basic”? Try out an interesting cut with a shoe style that complements it best. As we all know, not every denim shape is right for everyone, so treat this guide as a blueprint to creating the combos that work best for your shape and style.


We’re basically giving away style secrets here, people! But use caution: Just because there are infinite combinations of what could be paired together, doesn’t mean they should be. Take the time to experiment and you’ll definitely find your footing. In the list below, we dabble in color pairings, texture play, and proportion, all with the end goal of making your denim really shine.

Boyfriend Jeans + Textured Pump

Boyfriend jeans are a no-brainer when it comes to comfort, but the proportion can be a little tricky to make flattering. Opt for a pump to make them a look a bit more feminine. These woven leather ones have a super luxe texture. Make a small cuff on the jeans before you head out the door and you’re all set.

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Cropped Jeans + Wraparound Sandal

Crop it like it’s hot and let your shoes have a moment. Your ankles won’t be missing the jeans when they’re wrapped up in a strappy sandal instead.

Flared Jeans + Retro Sneaker

A flare is always going to lean a bit retro, but make it cooler with a 70’s feeling sneaker. Just make sure the jeans are hemmed enough that they don’t drag with a lower shoe.

Patchwork Jeans + Leather Boot

Patchwork jeans are a very specific vibe, but a great addition to any denim wardrobe. To make them look a bit more polished, try with a clean leather boot, avoid suede so you don’t look too ’70s.

Baggy Jeans & Pointy Toe Bootie

Baggy jeans are a super hot shape right now, albeit not super easy to pull off. Try with a pointy toe boot with a low heel. They’ll still stay baggy this way, but the point toe peeking out will make it a bit more elevated and a bit less ’90s skater boi.

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Black Jeans + Pop of Color Shoe

Black denim can look a little too heavy in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t count them out. Try pairing with a pop of color shoe for a night of outdoor patio hopping.

Wide Leg Jeans + Square Toe Shoe

Wide leg jeans can make your legs look insanely long, so let’s play into that! Pair with a medium-height heel and one with a square foot bed. Why? Because it’s an elongated shape, it will peek outside of your feet and give a bit more information where wide leg jeans cover most other sandals completely.

Mom Jeans + Chunky Loafer

Mom jeans. Say what you will about them, but they’re here to stay. For a casual vibe that can be for work or weekend, ditch the sneakers and pair with a chunky loafer and sock.

Side-Split Jeans + Ankle Strap Sandal

Side split jeans are begging for attention, in a good way! Add an ankle strap sandal in a pop of color that peeks out from the slits when you walk.

White Jeans + Sexy Black Shoe

Not sure who needs to hear this, but white jeans can be worn year round. Especially when grounded with a dressy black shoe. The contrast is intentional, especially with a black tank top.