Wedding Day Essentials for every Bride


Wedding Day Essentials for every Bride

Who doesn’t wish to look gorgeous on the wedding day? Every bride wishes to look prettiest on their wedding day and try hard to look magnificent.

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An exquisite wedding dress can only be enough to make you a head-turner bride on your D-day, and choosing the best wedding dress is tricky but essential. You must need to follow proper plans and be sure your wedding dress suits your body type and makes you look graceful on your “Big Day”. There are so many things that you need to ponder over to select the perfect bridal lehenga for your wedding day. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can’t ignore before selecting lehenga for your super special day.

Identify your body type
The first thing you need to do before choosing any lehenga is to identify your body type. It’s good if you already know your body type or else you can calculate it from the internet. Some of the most common body types are hourglass, apple, pear, round-shaped, rectangle-shaped, petite, etc. So first you should identify your body type and then plan your lehenga according to that.

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Consider the fabric

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Fabric plays a very important role in making your lehenga perfect. You can also choose the fabric according to your body type such as lightweight fabrics like Georgette suits curvy bride. Whereas Net, silk, raw silk, chanderi, Kanchipuram will suit lean body, choices are endless just choose them according to your body type and choice.

Colors are important


Every bride-to-be needs to choose the color of her lehenga according to her body type as well. A pear-shaped bride can wear a dark-colored skirt and light-colored blouse, while the apple-shaped bride needs to do just the opposite.

Check the fit of lehenga


Before selecting your bridal lehenga you need to be sure that it has a perfect fit because no matter how great your lehenga is in the end if it doesn’t fit you right all your research will go in vain.

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